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Main Features

  • Earn 20% of our commission on all purchases made by your referrals
  • 9 different languages to accommodate international users
  • Large selection of cryptocurrencies and payment services
  • Get paid for all future purchases made by your referrals
  • No upper limit to your earning potential
  • Best conversion rate

Why you should become a Paybis Affiliate Partner

  • Promote a trusted financial service regulated by FinCEN
  • Generate reports quickly and easily with powerful analytics on Affise
  • Monthly payouts through Bitcoin and bank transfers
  • Dedicated account manager available at all times to assist your efforts
  • Global access—we support 180+ countries and 48 U.S. states
  • Excellent score on Trustpilot, with more than 10,000 reviews

How does the Paybis affiliate program work?

The Paybis affiliate program is one of the best high-paying referral programs in the industry. Unlike most crypto affiliate programs, which follow a hierarchical referral structure, Paybis offers a much higher commission to users who promote the platform’s services to their audience. This makes our platform ideal for webmasters or influencers with large and small communities alike.

Here are the steps you need to follow to join the Paybis referral program:

  • Click on the Sign in/Sign up button and create an account if you don’t have one already;
  • Head to your email inbox and click on the Activate account button;
  • Once you are logged into the dashboard, click on Offers from the left-hand column;
  • Select All, and you will be able to access your affiliate link;
  • You can now customize and copy your tracking link to start promoting Paybis.

If you are new to crypto affiliate offers, you might experience some difficulties during the setup of your account. For that reason, you will have access to our affiliate program’s account managers (support team) in real time for any questions you might have. Our crypto affiliate network is likely the most responsive of any other cryptocurrency affiliate programs you might have worked with, and we take a great deal of pride in that.

Note that there are some terms you need to keep in mind when signing up for our Bitcoin referral program:

  1. As a webmaster, you have your inventory (website, social community, YouTube channels, etc.);
  2. Each user can only register one affiliate account on;
  3. Payouts are made based on certain conditions, which we explain in the sections below.

What makes Paybis the best Bitcoin affiliate program?

First off, it is important to understand that Paybis is an exchange platform. Our commissions are better than those of traditional trading platforms, and so is the average size of a transaction.

Knowing this, you can quickly understand that the average payout size per transaction is much higher than other trading platforms.

But that’s not all there is to it. After a person uses your tracking link to make a transaction on Paybis, he/she remains your referral forever. This means that for every future transaction your referral makes, you receive a 20% payout—permanently!

Let’s illustrate this with an example:

Assume you are a merchant selling a particular product or service that would benefit from cryptocurrency payments. You lead buyers to our platform to complete a transaction and receive a 20% commission from our revenue share. From that point onwards, each time your referral chooses to use Paybis, you get a 20% revenue share.

Additionally, our program rewards tiered referrals as well. If you invite a webmaster to join our affiliate program, you will get 5% from his/her referrals. That makes us one of the top crypto affiliate programs.

Paybis referral program payouts

Much like any Bitcoin affiliate program, payouts are made every month, once a minimum threshold is met.

The Paybis cryptocurrency affiliate program pays all partners via SEPA bank transfer or Bitcoin payment.

This minimum payout amount for all participants is $50 USD.

You will also be able to create automated invoices for the monthly payouts, given that all your payment details are entered correctly.

Crypto affiliate programs as a form of passive income

Cryptocurrency affiliate marketing is one of the most popular promotional methods for this new industry. Since the public is still at an early stage of awareness, the opportunities currently presented to Bitcoin affiliates can lead to permanent passive income that keeps on growing.

Whether you are looking for ways to monetize your audience, or simply looking for payment solutions that require the use of cryptocurrencies, you can use our blockchain affiliate program and start building a new source of passive income.

  • Affiliates receive 20% of our revenue share for each transaction;
  • Larger/Enterprise affiliate partners with established communities can reach out to discuss larger affiliate payouts (>20%);
  • All future transactions of referred customers keep paying you dividends.

The continuous growth of our platform and the crypto industry as a whole makes Bitcoin affiliate programs one of the best ways to earn passive income.

The only Bitcoin referral program to keep paying forever

We are considered to be one of the best crypto affiliate programs thanks to our advantages, such as high commissions, great conversions, and unparalleled coverage.

To our knowledge, there are no other exchanges that offer such high recurring payments for all future purchases of referred users. This makes Paybis one of the best Bitcoin affiliate programs in the industry.

If you are currently using a different cryptocurrency affiliate program and are looking for a more rewarding option, make sure you reach out to our team. We are both flexible and adaptable to your needs, and we are more than happy to offer a custom solution that pays more than your existing partner.

Paybis blockchain affiliate program FAQ

Having established that Paybis has one of the best affiliate programs in the crypto industry, you may have some more specific questions. In this section, we list the most common questions and answers related to the topic.

How can I invite someone to join the affiliate program?

Simply copy your tracking link and send it to your friend. They will then be able to click on it, create an account on Paybis, and make a transaction. Remember that your Bitcoin referral code determines the link between the two parties.

How do I get paid?

Like most legit referral programs in the crypto space, once your monthly payment is due, you can choose to get paid via bank transfer or in Bitcoin. Follow the onscreen instructions, provide your bank account details or your BTC wallet address, and we will pay the amount due. You will then be able to access and download the payment invoice for accounting purposes.

What are some common ways to get more referrals?

Most of our partners operate large communities on social media channels/groups or have high-traffic websites. But this in no way limits the options available. Being one of the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs, Paybis partners can be anyone from merchants and institutional investors to educators in the industry and creative marketers.

We are also one of the best affiliate programs for YouTube influencers who wish to introduce their audience to cryptocurrencies. In addition to our beginner-oriented interface, we also have a blog that helps amateurs take their first steps in the crypto industry.

What are the average earnings in cryptocurrency affiliate marketing?

The expected earnings from our affiliate program depend entirely on the size of your community and personal efforts. Our average affiliate earns at least $800 per month, while larger partners earn six-figure recurring payouts.

How are my affiliate earnings taxed?

Paying taxes when investing affiliate programs is different in every country. If you are getting paid into a corporate account, your income will most likely be subject to corporate tax. For any other instance, earnings from affiliate marketing are treated as personal earnings, and you will need to pay taxes upon submitting your annual tax report. The amount differs per country, so we suggest doing more research on a local level, or talking with an accountant.

Are payout processing times different for bank transfers and Bitcoin?

Bank payments - Processing times from your banking partner may cause a small delay to your payout (1-3 working days).

Bitcoin payments - All payments are delivered within an hour of sending (<6 confirmations on the BTC blockchain).

Different services to promote to receive a commission

Any buy or sell order on the Paybis platform (transaction) qualifies as an activity that leads to a referral payout. The program is based on the Revenue Share model, similar to other top cryptocurrency affiliate programs in the industry.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, users can buy or sell many different coins, including Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, and more. If new users choose to buy Bitcoin with their credit or debit card, they will not be charged a Paybis fee, making us the cheapest solution on the market.

Activities that are not linked to transactions (i.e., the use of our Bitcoin calculator page) do not lead to any rewards.